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OSRAD Institute for Grammar & Communicative English

OSRAD teaches English according to your requirement. All the lessons are tailor-made and heavily reliant on grammar-based instruction, with lots of explanations of rules, drilling of structures and translation exercises.

Mainly focused on your specific areas of difficulty and provide lots of feedback and asking questions which are tricky and make you master in English, and it’s important that students have ample opportunity to practice them.

A wide range of courses and examinations help students to obtain English proficiency which they need for their future - for academic, for competitive exams, for business & employment, and for traveling abroad.

It’s a one-stop English training institute keeping your requirements in mind.. The following courses are offered in Vadavalli, Coimbatore and in R S Puram, Coimbatore.

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Academic English Grammar Courses in Coimbatore:

OSRAD conducts exciting regular Academic English Grammar courses for school children from Grade I to XII (for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB & Samacheer)  and also suitable for learners from Beginners to Advanced level.

All the courses are exclusively designed for School children with various practical sessions that give analytical approach to grammar and vocabulary in order to refines their writing skills to form better sentences in their own composition and communication skills without any grammar mistakes.

Courses are built with Multi Skill Exercises and Pronunciation Practice which would make students’ learning easy and rewarding.

This course is mapped with five levels with International Standard:

  1. Beginner
  2. Elementary
  3. Pre-Intermediate
  4. Intermediate
  5. Applied English Grammar


Academic English Grammar Course Approach:

  • Courses are mapped with international curriculum of Oxford and Cambridge
  • Gives a practical approach to learn the words, phrases and lexical grammar.
  • The right balance of explanation and practice, and regular testing on grammar skills.
  • Important grammar topics and vocabulary drills are practiced to stretch the English language skills to attend talent exams like English Olympiad IEO, IAIS & IOEL.
  • Common errors in written and spoken English are averted through extensive practice sessions.
  • Activities of these courses are contextualized to enrich students’ grammar skill in report writing and public speaking.

Why English Grammar is essential for School Students:

English Grammar skills are useful in every aspect of life from education to leadership and social life to employment opportunities, but on regular academic syllabuses aren't able to feed complete grammatical patterns to students which makes the learning grammar incorrectly. So that the grammatical errors come in many forms and all can easily confuse them and put them in obscure meaning.  It makes most of the children do not succeed academically because of poor English skills.

The better the grammar, the clearer the message, not only for the message it also paves way to writing all the subjects by their own and helpful to succeed all type of competitive exams. Thus the basic reasons for studying grammar remains essential. 

OSRAD ensures children to understand the nuances of English language and start communicating and writing English effectively for academic and personal success.

Other English courses...


Phonics Teaching:

English has a complicated spelling system. Hence OSRAD teaches children to connect sounds with alphabets and it's also teaching letter sound mappings in a systematic way, beginning with simple alphabet sound rules and then moving onto more complex associations. OSRAD's special phonics instruction sticks with evidence-based principles of explicit.  The systematic phonics teaching method improves spelling ability because the method makes students familiar with spelling patterns through reading and listening.

Learning phonics will help your child to read and spell. Written language can be compared to a code, so knowing the sounds of alphabets and alphabet combinations will help your child to decode words as child reads. Knowing phonics will also help children to know which alphabets to be used to write a word. Therefore, learning phonics makes children confident and also boosts them acquire logical skills in reading and writing and prevents rote learning.


Phonics Course Approach:

  • Attention to the combination of the alphabets in a word.
  • Breaking down words into syllables and blending sounds to make words.
  • To produce the correct sound of an unfamiliar print word.
  • Allowing to recognise the previous unfamiliar word quicker the next time.
  • Learning to Read by Sight: transition from slowly sounding out a word, to rapidly recognising it
  • High Frequency and Spoken vocabulary knowledge to facilitate the learning
  • OSRAD's learning mechanism allows children to understand the relationship between alphabets and individual sounds and make them read on their own.

Other English courses...


Handwriting Practice:

Handwriting is an important part of academic.  Good handwriting leads to better academic performance in writing.

Handwriting is a basic tool in many verticals  — taking notes, taking tests, and doing class work and homework for almost every content for all students of all ages because it improves attention, comprehension, and results. Students’ notes or test papers must be self-legible, otherwise they are worthless.

Handwriting is strongly related to the quality and quantity of students’ written text, Examiners need to decipher what is written.  Without fast and legible handwriting, students may achieve lower marks and under-achieve academically even where the content may be good.  Hence, poor handwriting can have a negative effect mainly on school performance.

OSRAD's integrated handwriting practice instruction mainly focus on ease formation of alphabets and make them legible by reshaping their own style of writing without any pre-printed format which compels the learner to practice different pattern rather than developing their own style.


Handwriting Course Approach:

  • Pencil grips and paper position to reduce the strain
  • Practice the strokes of pulling and pushing with horizontal and vertical straight lines that are involved in writing.
  • Consistent formation of letters using a curve and tunnel patterns.
  • Teach similarly formed letters together.
  • Maintaining size, spacing, or slant to group the letters together.
  • Focus on legibility and readability of letters, as well as spacing within and between words.
  • Aim for speed as well as legibility.

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Communicative English (Professional & Spoken English) 

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and has a universal link; English holds its significance in Corporate World as well as our own private world. And it is important for career Opportunities & Advancement. 

Hence OSRAD offers the best Spoken English courses in Coimbatore which helps you to communicate in English within 3 months, 10+ years of experience in English language training has made OSRAD to adapt various training methodologies in Spoken English and develop a unique Spoken English course with various practical sessions that give analytical approach to grammar, vocabulary, spoken and written English skills.  Our course is focused on General & Situational practice with basic language mechanics which gives you the comfort of learning English at the easiest way and especially through Tamil.


Spoken English Course Approach:

  • It’s a scientific method of approach by understanding: None of the languages can be improved in short term learning because it requires Vocabularies, Collocations, Words Handling, Situational Practice, Habitual Usage & Continuous Learning. 
  • It’s mainly based on Sentence way teaching method through South Indian Language Pattern methodology rather than a grammatical way of teaching.
  • Vocabulary is refreshed and pronunciation practice is carried out for entire training sessions.
  • Trainer’s communication is in bilingual method and trainers are approachable where student can interact with them freely.
  • Giving regular assignments and activities make you to speak English confidently.
  • Maximum speaking practice on various topics is carried out for fluency and confidence development.

Our Research and findings:

OSRAD’s Communicative English Program is an outcome of a 4year Research on “Why Students could not Speak English even 50years of Teaching” the following major findings we made:

  1. Short Term English Communication Classes.
  2. Grammatical Way of Teaching. 
  3. Trainer has to communicate only in English and 
  4. Trainer adopting Stylish Accent 

By averting all the drawbacks, we developed a unique English course to guide you to speak English Fluently.

 Associate Courses for English Learning Students in College:

  • Communicative English (Professional & Spoken)
  • English’s Essential Grammar
  • Rules of English Grammar
  • English for Student Teachers / Student Lawyer
  • English in Competitive Exams
  • English for Interview Handling & its Techniques
  • Personality expansions

Other English courses...


English in Competitive Exams

Students find hard to attempt ‘sentence correction & spotting errors’ in verbal reasoning in entrance examinations. Knowing the common structures and the nuances of the language will be difficult.

Hence, all rules are explained in simple language and illustrated in formulas to make every rule transparent and it will be driven by examples & practice exercises which will lead them to succeed.


Main Topics to be covered:

Basic Structure of English, Parts of Speech: types & their role, 12 tenses’ structure. - Rules in Subject Verb Agreement,  Rules in Articles & Question Tags.-Voices in English, Rules in Verbs & Tenses, Rules in Pronouns, Degree of Comparison, Rules in Adjectives.- Rules in Adverbs, Rules in Prepositions, Reported Speech, Rules on Connectors & Rules in Gerund & Infinitives.

Other English courses...


To succeed in the Quantitative Aptitude – Quicker Methods

Mathematics needs systematic and logical thinking and we found that mathematics often proves a difficult task for most of the students.  From the competitive point of view, the problem of students is not that they are not able to solve the questions. But the problem is that they are unable to solve the problems in time.  So the main aspect to get success in the competitive exam is to solve the questions very well in time.

In such situation, one should follow the shortest route to answer the problem.  So we have given much emphasize on the main factors: Speed and Accuracy which results in 100% success. Hence we have designed the course only on quicker method, which covers 80% of any Quantitative Aptitude test.


Topics to be covered:

Quicker Methods in 1. Percentage, 2. Profit & Loss, 3. Simple Interest, 4. Compound Interest,  5. Time and Work,  6. Work and Wages,  7. Time and Distance,  8. Problems on Trains,  9. Boats and Streams, 10. Average, 11. Problem based on Ages, 12. Heights & Distance,  13. Problems on clock.

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How to Get Through an Interview & GD:

Good interviewers always have some hidden requirement behind their Interview questions and observing behaviour and interaction with the group while on GD. Once the Interviewees know those hidden requirements, they can easily surpass to the next level. The questions are more or less designed around the specific position; however, interviewees should expect some common questions irrespective of the job description which plays a very vital role to get them into desired organization.

The interviewee should aware of Interview Mannerism, which make comfortable wavelength between interviewee & interviewer, it always favours to Interviewee.  Hence our Module includes the Graduates Behaviours & Mannerisms at interview.


Topics to be Covered:

 Do’s & Don’ts in Résumé - How to avoid Most Common Interview Fears? - How to overcome Common Interview Mistakes? - What are all Behavioural Requirements on Interview? -  How to tackle the First 20Seconds? - ‍How to handle trick questions and difficult topics? -  How to Turn the Tables? - How to avoid Interview Red Flags for Employers? - Difficult Hr Questions & How to answer them? - How to Handle Nerves? - Body Language & its importance - What is the right participation in Group Discussion? - Different Types of GD Topics and tricks to tackle them. - What are all important Techniques for GD? - How to be an active participant even don’t know anything about the topic? - Common GD topics with explanatory Ideas for discussion.

Other English courses...


The following activities are undertaken :

  • Academic English Grammar Course
  • English Grammar Classes For English Conversation.
  • Spoken English Classes in RS Puram Coimbatore.
  • Courses for English Teachers to Teach English in Coimbatore.
  • English Courses for Lawyers, Managers, Executives in Coimbatore.
  • Practical Communicative English Training in Coimbatore.
  • English for all Competitive & Board Exams in Coimbatore.



  • >> G-09 Maths Assessment Test (MAT-04) has been scheduled for Sun(23/08) from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. FYI - Math Dept. OSRAD    (CBSE Maths and Science Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> G-09 Science Assessment Test (SAT-03) has been scheduled for Sun(23/08) from 11:30 - 1:00 p.m. FYI - Physics Dept. OSRAD   (CBSE Maths and Science Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> G-10 Maths Objective Type Question Test (OTQ-03) has been scheduled for Wed(26/08) from 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. FYI - Math Dept. OSRAD   (CBSE Maths and Science Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> G-10 Science Additional class has been scheduled for Wed(26/08) from 6.00 - 7:00 p.m., Students are informed hereby to attend the class- Physics Dept. OSRAD   (best spoken English class in R S Puram Coimbatore)

  • >> G-11 Maths Assessment Test (MAT-04) has been scheduled for Sat(22/08) from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. FYI - Math Dept. OSRAD   (CBSE Grade XI & XII Maths, Physics and Accounts Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> G-11 Physics Assessment Test (PAT-02) has been scheduled for Sun(16/08) from 11:30 - 1:00 p.m. FYI - Physics Dept. OSRAD   (CBSE Grade XI & XII Maths, Physics and Accountancy Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> Registrations Open for CBSE Maths, Physics, Accountancy, coaching classes for Grade IX, XI & XII in Vadavalli Coimbatore - Admin OSRAD   (CBSE Grade XI & XII Maths, Physics and Accountancy Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)
  • >> G-12 Maths Additional class has been scheduled for Wed(26/08) from 6.00 - 8:00 p.m., Students are informed hereby to attend the class-Admin OSRAD  CBSE Maths and Accountancy Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> G-12 Physics Assessment Test (PAT-06) has been scheduled for Sun(23/08) from 11:30 - 1:00 p.m. FYI - Physics Dept. OSRAD  ( CBSE Maths ScienceTuition for IX, X, XI and XII )

  • >> G-12 Accounts OTQ & MCQ-01 has been scheduled for Sun(23/08) from 11:30 - 1:00 p.m. FYI - Physics Dept. OSRAD ( CBSE Maths Physcis and Accountancy Tuition for IX, X, XI and XII )

  • >>  Admissions Open (2020-21)  for CBSE Maths and Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) coaching classes  for Grade IX & X in Vadavalli Coimbatore. ( english grammar classes in coimbatore )


  • >>  Academic English Grammar (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and Samacheer) Admission opens for All Grades.( English grammar classes in coimbatore )

  • >>  Admissions Open (2020-21)  for CBSE Maths , Physics and Accountancy coaching classes  for Grade XI & XII  in Vadavalli Coimbatore.


  • >>  Admission Opens for Communicative (Written & Spoken) English in R S Puram Coimbatore. ( spoken english class in coimbatore )

Exam Toppers

  • Aditya (Grade X-Science)



  • Deekshitaa R (Grade X-Science & Maths)



  • Maadul Ram G S (Grade X-Science & Maths)



  • Sangamithra S (Grade X-Science & Maths)



  • Vishnupaandian (Grade X-Science)



  • Gowtham Shankar V (Grade XII-Physics & Maths)
  • Amruthavarshini A (Grade XII-Accounts)

  • Vijey R Logeshwar (Grade XII-Physics)

  • Abirami S D (Grade XII-Accounts)

  • Vishnukanth G (Grade XII-Accounts)

  • Ranganathan N (Grade XII-Accounts)


Events Conducted

  • Applied English Grammar Self Test for RS Puram Pre-Intermediate (Academic English Grammar) batch held on 27-12-2019(Friday)

  • Faculty Development Program (FDP) conducted - 4Nos







  • Industrial Orientated Training for School of Computer Science & Engineering Bharathiar University-Coimbatore.





  • Child Personality Development(CPD) Program for OSRADIANS

  • Workshop on Spotting Error in Verbal Reasoning in colleges

  • Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Programme (UYEGP), Govt. of India in Codissia-Coimbatore

  • Web Application in PHP & MySQL at Department of Computer Science, Avinashilingam University

  • Trainers' Training Program on Grooming Personality in SITRA

  • Workshop on Smart Study Techniques for

    grade VIII to X

  • Seminar on Essentials in English in various colleges

  • Workshop on Tips to Talk Fluent English in Colleges



  • CODISSIA  JOB  FAIR 2012 has been Coordinated & Supported where we made history in Coimbatore






English Exam Toppers

  • Adithya V ( English Grammar - Pre-Intermediate)

  • Rithvik S (English Grammar - Pre-Elementary)

  • Adithya V ( Applied English Grammar)

  • Dharshini Priya CP ( Applied English Grammar)

  • Pranesh Ramana K ( Applied English Grammar)

  • Ayan V (English Grammar - Beginner)
  • Balambikai A ( Applied English Grammar)

  • Rithanya S (English Grammar - Beginner)