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OSRAD Institute for Scholastic Support

Coaching Classes for CBSE Maths & Science (including Biology) for Grade IX & X

CBSE Maths, CBSE Physics and Accountancy (CBSE & Samcheer) Coaching Classes for Grade XI & XII

“The Ultimate Preparatory class to AIM CENTUM and you could brand us the best in Coimbatore”

OSRAD offers high quality coaching for students from CBSE syllabus over 9 years.  OSRAD has a fine blend of quality teaching with exceptional faculty and for parents who anticipate in transforming their children from Reluctant Learners to Passionate Performers.


Our Contribution towards making every student to AIM CENTUM:

  • Focusing on student’s understanding by providing Pre-Requisite Knowledge along with Essential Basics to crack the rote-learning method.
  • Giving continuous evaluation in terms of Regular Assessment tests, Oral Tests, Assignments & Worksheets to assess their Strengths & Weaknesses.
  • Various teaching methodologies to meet the needs of individual student as we believe every student has the potential to excel.
  • Motivating students to develop Good Study Habits and to Correct Errors that would ensure the achievement of the desired goals without Stress.


Salient Features:

  •  Professionally managing institute with qualified tutors ( 9yrs of Exp.).
  • Secured and trustful learning environment.
  • 12 per batch to ensure effective learning  and individual attention.
  • Test Batch Integrated Course.
  • Basics incorporated detailed classes with Audio-Visual Technique.
  • Stress-free learning and caring approach.
  • Chapter wise booklets and assignments for exam preparation.
  • Special attention and separate test for science problems.
  • Simple drawing  techniques of science diagrams.
  • 10 minutes of quick test or review in every class.
  • Weekend test batch for exam practice(CBSE pattern) and Performance Analysis Report is sent through WhatsApp.
  • Regular parent teacher meeting & students’ enrichment program.

Classes are taken in Vadavalli, Coimbatore and in R S Puram, Coimbatore


Coaching for Mathematics and Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) for CBSE

OSRAD greatly emphasis right learning techniques, conceptual understanding / framework needed to learn a subject thoroughly without even a slightest hit on the performance in exams.  Our extensive experience with the curriculum and unique teaching methods allow students to gain confidence, develop higher self-esteem and pursue their passion.

Special test series is conducted for the students to prepare various Entrance / Talent / Scholarship Exams. Special booklets & Home Assignments are given to practice the questions thoroughly which based on NCERT syllabus to AIM CENTUM.


Our Focus & Approach:

Osrad follows the subject-centered approach of curriculum, each subject contains its own set of skills and concepts for mastering. We train those skills and present the content to students in a logical sequence. This step-by-step approach ensures that students gain all the information and skills needed to master in the subject and its concepts.

CBSE Mathematics:

Maths is a high scoring subject; but simply knowing laws and formulas is NOT enough. Doing well in Mathematics requires both concept clarity and problem solving techniques. OSRAD has done extensive research on student misconceptions & problem solving difficulties and has developed innovative techniques to address these learning gaps. In OSRAD , Students will be trained to understand concepts and  provided unique approach to develop Math Problem Solving skills.
We know that a silly mistake can lead to a wrong answer.  Hence , students are made to pay attention to every minute detail while being trained in the important formulae and revising them regularly.  Since calculations in maths are lengthy and time-consuming, OSRAD gives enough practice as much as they can do, in order to overcome of that . 
With extensive and unique approach OSRAD makes all students to excel at Mathematics and makes them to get centum easily.

CBSE Physics:

Physics is one of the basic subjects and traditionally considered as difficult yet high-scoring.  Osrad couched that practicing the numerical questions or word problems and revising the concepts is the key to ace Physics.  
OSRAD makes them to understand the basics of physics and formulate all equations, formulas and the concepts by extensive teaching which organizes  their study and makes them to grip on the fundamental concepts of the subject.  This can help them in understanding the core subject well and reducing the burden of rote learning.
Physics has several questions based on theorems and direct formulas. Hence OSRAD gives simple techniques to memorize and to solve questions accurately and has special schedule to revising them thoroughly by regular interval and make them to use the formulae and theorems extensively in solving various problems from last years’ papers and model papers by conducting weekly Science Assessment Tests (SATs) and Science Cumulative Test (S-CTs).

CBSE Chemistry:

Chemistry is a high scoring subject, this doesn’t mean it is easy.  We understood that it requires concentration, dedication and complete knowledge about the concept.  Hence OSRAD makes sure that all the students really understood the whole concept of a chapter before proceed to the next one and highlighted those points which is important in CBSE board exam point of view.
OSRAD makes students to note down of important equation and to do charts of important formulae, derivations, chemical names and important reactions while teaching, in order to get thorough & complete idea of the subject, this can be really helpful to them to revise, 
Conducting Science Assessment Test (SATs) and Science Cumulative Test( S-CTs) from previous year’s questions, Important and exemplar question on regular basis makes student to study in-depth of the subject, extensive practice, and to acquire speed and accuracy in solving different problems 


CBSE Biology:

The toughest part of studying biology is remembering the different terms in respect to their functions. Therefore, OSRAD make students to understand terms by giving explanatory details of why it’s got that term by its function, and keep familiarizing with these terms by practicing them again and again.
Biology also the subject features more graphical content and requires remembering a lot of diagrams as well as its theory.  Hence OSRAD teaches to draw science diagrams in easy way and gives practice as much of the diagrams, 
OSRAD involves them to learn and memorize difficult terminology by asking them to write such terms repeatedly so as to get acquainted with them and gives special attention to important diagrams and their theory and make them sure that they remember the important terms and their respective functions.
And ensures that everyone must be thorough with the important definitions as the subject is also has theory part, by developing the habit of revising point-wise and noting down the experiment procedures.


OSRAD could support Test Batch & Question Banks for IX  X , XI & XII  (9th, 10th, 11th & 12th ) CBSE for :

  • Maths and Science (Physics , Chemistry & Biology)  home tuitions in Coimbatore
  • Physics , Maths & Accountancy Tuitions for 11 & 12th tuitions in Coimbatore
  • Maths and Science (Physics , Chemistry & Biology)  tuition centers in Coimbatore
  • Centum tuition centres in Coimbatore
  • CBSE tuition centres in Coimbatore



  • >> G-09 Maths Assessment Test (MAT-04) has been scheduled for Sun(23/08) from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. FYI - Math Dept. OSRAD    (CBSE Maths and Science Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> G-09 Science Assessment Test (SAT-03) has been scheduled for Sun(23/08) from 11:30 - 1:00 p.m. FYI - Physics Dept. OSRAD   (CBSE Maths and Science Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> G-10 Maths Objective Type Question Test (OTQ-03) has been scheduled for Wed(26/08) from 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. FYI - Math Dept. OSRAD   (CBSE Maths and Science Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> G-10 Science Additional class has been scheduled for Wed(26/08) from 6.00 - 7:00 p.m., Students are informed hereby to attend the class- Physics Dept. OSRAD   (best spoken English class in R S Puram Coimbatore)

  • >> G-11 Maths Assessment Test (MAT-04) has been scheduled for Sat(22/08) from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. FYI - Math Dept. OSRAD   (CBSE Grade XI & XII Maths, Physics and Accounts Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> G-11 Physics Assessment Test (PAT-02) has been scheduled for Sun(16/08) from 11:30 - 1:00 p.m. FYI - Physics Dept. OSRAD   (CBSE Grade XI & XII Maths, Physics and Accountancy Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> Registrations Open for CBSE Maths, Physics, Accountancy, coaching classes for Grade IX, XI & XII in Vadavalli Coimbatore - Admin OSRAD   (CBSE Grade XI & XII Maths, Physics and Accountancy Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)
  • >> G-12 Maths Additional class has been scheduled for Wed(26/08) from 6.00 - 8:00 p.m., Students are informed hereby to attend the class-Admin OSRAD  CBSE Maths and Accountancy Tuition in Vadavalli Coimbatore)

  • >> G-12 Physics Assessment Test (PAT-06) has been scheduled for Sun(23/08) from 11:30 - 1:00 p.m. FYI - Physics Dept. OSRAD  ( CBSE Maths ScienceTuition for IX, X, XI and XII )

  • >> G-12 Accounts OTQ & MCQ-01 has been scheduled for Sun(23/08) from 11:30 - 1:00 p.m. FYI - Physics Dept. OSRAD ( CBSE Maths Physcis and Accountancy Tuition for IX, X, XI and XII )

  • >>  Admissions Open (2020-21)  for CBSE Maths and Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) coaching classes  for Grade IX & X in Vadavalli Coimbatore. ( english grammar classes in coimbatore )


  • >>  Academic English Grammar (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and Samacheer) Admission opens for All Grades.( English grammar classes in coimbatore )

  • >>  Admissions Open (2020-21)  for CBSE Maths , Physics and Accountancy coaching classes  for Grade XI & XII  in Vadavalli Coimbatore.


  • >>  Admission Opens for Communicative (Written & Spoken) English in R S Puram Coimbatore. ( spoken english class in coimbatore )

Exam Toppers

  • Aditya (Grade X-Science)



  • Deekshitaa R (Grade X-Science & Maths)



  • Maadul Ram G S (Grade X-Science & Maths)



  • Sangamithra S (Grade X-Science & Maths)



  • Vishnupaandian (Grade X-Science)



  • Gowtham Shankar V (Grade XII-Physics & Maths)
  • Amruthavarshini A (Grade XII-Accounts)

  • Vijey R Logeshwar (Grade XII-Physics)

  • Abirami S D (Grade XII-Accounts)

  • Vishnukanth G (Grade XII-Accounts)

  • Ranganathan N (Grade XII-Accounts)


Events Conducted

  • Applied English Grammar Self Test for RS Puram Pre-Intermediate (Academic English Grammar) batch held on 27-12-2019(Friday)

  • Faculty Development Program (FDP) conducted - 4Nos







  • Industrial Orientated Training for School of Computer Science & Engineering Bharathiar University-Coimbatore.





  • Child Personality Development(CPD) Program for OSRADIANS

  • Workshop on Spotting Error in Verbal Reasoning in colleges

  • Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Programme (UYEGP), Govt. of India in Codissia-Coimbatore

  • Web Application in PHP & MySQL at Department of Computer Science, Avinashilingam University

  • Trainers' Training Program on Grooming Personality in SITRA

  • Workshop on Smart Study Techniques for

    grade VIII to X

  • Seminar on Essentials in English in various colleges

  • Workshop on Tips to Talk Fluent English in Colleges



  • CODISSIA  JOB  FAIR 2012 has been Coordinated & Supported where we made history in Coimbatore






English Exam Toppers

  • Adithya V ( English Grammar - Pre-Intermediate)

  • Rithvik S (English Grammar - Pre-Elementary)

  • Adithya V ( Applied English Grammar)

  • Dharshini Priya CP ( Applied English Grammar)

  • Pranesh Ramana K ( Applied English Grammar)

  • Ayan V (English Grammar - Beginner)
  • Balambikai A ( Applied English Grammar)

  • Rithanya S (English Grammar - Beginner)